Elliot Anderson

My family taught me a love of the outdoors; camping, fishing, canoeing, backpacking, hunting, were the things we did on family vacations. My mom and dad, and brothers and sister, all enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. My three brothers and I are Eagle Scouts.

I grew up in Milton, Wisconsin with a big family that loves the outdoors and I was raised learning how to hunt, trap, fish and work hard - but I always dreamed of going somewhere with mountains. My father went to Alaska when he was young, and hearing his stories made me realize that I needed to get to Alaska. I got a job on a horse ranch in Wyoming for 2 years guiding horseback rides and antelope, elk, and mule deer hunters. The next winter I fell upon a job giving tours by dog teams also in Wyoming and I loved it, after that there was no going back. I went on to Juneau for my first trip to Alaska and gave dogsled tours on the Mendenhall Glacier. I met James Volek on the glacier and he asked me if I wanted to come to Happy Trails Kennel, and of course I said yes. I feel honored to be here working with Martin Buser and some of the best dogs in the mushing world.

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