Summer Tour Personnel

Iditarod veterans, Martin Buser, Rohn Buser and Shawn Sidelinger are the primary summer guides at Happy Trails. All three are multiple Iditarod finishers and are happy to share insights and information about living with sled dogs and racing in the Iditarod.  On especially busy days, you might also meet Elliot Anderson or Jim Davis and hear their unique stories.  Of course, our dogs and puppies are the stars of the show with endlessly wagging tails.  Kathy manages the gift shop and family friend, Lis Olsen is the primary cashier.  Her retired Happy Trails sled dog Ty is often found behind the counter helping when needed.  John Hutchinson, who teaches in Chevak, Alaska during the school year, frequently helps out by chauffeuring with the golf cart or doing whatever is needed.  We all look forward to meeting you. 

pictured above: Rohn Buser, Martin Buser, Kathy Chapoton, Lis Olsen, Alea Sidelinger, Shawn Sidelinger & John Hutchinson

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Come Tour with US!!!

We are in full swing now and summer tours are being enjoyed daily.  We have puppies to cuddle and big dogs ready to give you slobbery kisses.  The dogs seems to recognize that it's tour season and relish the influx of new dog lovers. The Tour Time for independent travelers is 2:00 on Tuesdays Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  REservations should be made on line twenty four hours in advance.   Iditarod veteran dog mushers serve as our guides and Martin is here most every day.  Come check out a dog's life at Happy Trails. 


Check out the Iditarod adventures of the only 5 time Leonhard Seppala Award* WINNER as he travels with his amazing Alaskan huskies!!!! 

*After the race, veterinarians award the 40-year-old the Leonhard Seppala Humanitarian Award, given to the musher who provides outstanding dog care throughout the race while remaining competitive. The award is based on a scoring system that considers the dogs' body condition, gait, attitude and hydration.




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