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'Tis the season to train dogs!!!  Happy Trails Kennel is a streamlined dog trianing operation these days.  James Volek and Martin are working with about 50+ adult, heavily experienced, enthusiastic sled dogs. For the first time in several years, we plan to field only one team in the Iditarod. 

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With cool temps, a successful tour season closing and all dogs home,  Happy Trails has transistioned to training mode.  After last year's challenging race season, the kennel focus this year will be on training one super team to compete in the Iditarod with Martin driving our A and only team.  We look forward to the upcoming season and are excited about the level of talent in our four legged athletes!!!  


Check out the Iditarod adventures of the only 5 time Leonhard Seppala Award* WINNER as he travels with his amazing Alaskan huskies!!!! 

*After the race, veterinarians award the 40-year-old the Leonhard Seppala Humanitarian Award, given to the musher who provides outstanding dog care throughout the race while remaining competitive. The award is based on a scoring system that considers the dogs' body condition, gait, attitude and hydration.




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