Jan 8, 2016

Well it seems we are having a bit of a repeat of last year's snow conditions.  Late December rain and warm temps converted our immediate outgoing trails to ice rinks.  Last week, the teams went to the Denali Highway to train and now 54 dogs trekked to Lake Louise, northeast of Big Lake.  We are so fortunate to have the comforts of Jim Davis and Nancy Marty's cabin as a checkpoint.  Jim and Nacy marked trails so the teams can make 60 mile runs.  Nancy spoils the boys with her comfort food. 

Nov 10, 2015

We are thrilled to have snow.  Dogs and drivers headed out early on sleds for the first time this winter.  With the lack of snow last year, this recent weather event was greeted with much enthusiasm.

Aug 23, 2015

Besides entertaining tourists this summer, Martin decided it was time to square the dog posts in line with our new visitor center so out came all the old posts, ground was dozed, new posts and gravel inserted, houses built and painted and now it's almost finished.  The entire left side of the kennel is newly refurbished.  Thanks so much Nicolas Pattaroni and Fred "Perk" Fairbanks. 

The right side of the kennel makeover is scheduled for Spring 2016!!

Jul 3, 2015

Happy Trails Kennel is now accessible by the usual route of Big Lake Road to Beaver Lake Road to West Lakes.  The fish culvert has been installed and we are back to normal driving directions.



Jun 25, 2015

The primary access route to Happy Trails will be closed from June 26-July 2.  A fish passage culvert is being installed under Beaver Lake Road at Meadow Creek.  The DETOUR route will be via HAWK Lane rather than Big Lake Road.  Do not turn on Big Lake Road.  Hawk Lane is the road that goes to Houston High School.  The detour may add 5 minutes to your trip.


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